The Archaeology of Europe’s Drowned Landscapes (Bailey et al 2020)

New Book! Open Access (Bailey et al 2020)

DHSC Senior Scholar Prof Geoff Bailey has been a pioneer in Submerged Landscape Archaeology for forty years. Now he has led the successful European SPLASHCOS Network to its final output, a major peer reviewed volume, published Open Access and available free for everyone.

This is a benchmark volume that will serve as a resource for scholars and students of archaeology and quaternary sciences for decades to come. The book is available to download via SpringerOpen.

Author: Deep History of Sea Country: Climate, Sea Level and Culture

This is our official project blog for the Deep History of Sea Country: Climate, Sea Level and Culture. Our project is funded by the Australian Research Council (DP170100812) and our official webpage is: Submerged landscape archaeology is an under-researched field in Australia and represents a major opportunity to address knowledge gaps in world prehistory such as early human migrations, the archaeology of land bridges and coastal-hinterland cultural exchange.

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